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Re: National Championship Survey

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Greg has been and still is a HP Silhouette Competitor. I have shot with him since the 90's. I have shot with him at the Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club in Hanover VA and still shoot with him at the Fairfax Rifle and Pistol Club in Fairfax VA. He has always been an outstanding off hand shooter and a gentleman. :D
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Re: National Championship Survey

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Not only is Greg Connor a Silhouette competitor, he is the 1974 Wimbledon Cup winner with a score of 100-19V . Here is the link to the Wikipedia article:
Here is the text. It is a Who's Who of long distance marksman and Greg Connor is on that short list.
Wimbledon Cup

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For other cups with the same name, see Wimbledon Cup (disambiguation).

The Wimbledon Cup is a marksmanship trophy that was established in the 1870s.[1] It is awarded annually during the National Rifle & Pistol Matches which are held at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Each year the high-power phase of these matches traditionally takes place during the first two weeks of August. The Wimbledon cup is awarded for the winner of a 1000-yard shooting match — in which the rules permit use of "any sight", including telescopes.

Concurrent with the Wimbledon, service rifle shooters compete for the Farr Trophy, and Palma rifle shooters vie for the "Doc" Aiken Trophy.

Contents [hide]
1 History 1.1 Match Conditions

2 Trophy Winners
3 See also
4 Notes
5 External links


The Wimbledon Cup is a silver tankard wrought by British silversmiths of the Victorian period.

The National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom inaugurated the prize in 1866. The Illustrated London News reported on July 26, 1866, that the Wimbledon Cup was a new prize for the Wimbledon Rifle Meeting of that year.[2]

In 1875, the trophy was presented to the American rifle team attending the British matches at Wimbledon by Princess Louise, on behalf of the riflemen of Great Britain. Members of the American team competed among themselves for the trophy at Wimbledon; this match was won by Major Henry Fulton. The Wimbledon Cup was taken to the United States and placed in annual competition at Creedmoor Rifle Range as the trophy for a long range match open to any rifle.

Match Conditions[edit]

1875 30 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle.

1903 20 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle.

1906 10 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle.

1907 20 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle.

1953 The Service Rifle or the Center Fire Rifle with no restrictions on caliber, sights or accessories.

1958 First scores over the course of two sighting shots and 20 shots for record at 1000 yards with the Service Rifle or NRA Match Rifle used to select shooters for a "shoot-off relay" over the same course of fire to determine match place awards.

1961 Shoot-off procedure changed as follows: All competitors on the "shoot-off relay" will fire two sighting shots and 10 record shots. All competitors then leave the firing line. The 10 high from each division will be immediately resquadded for a shot-by-shot elimination to determine the winner in each division.

1968 20 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle, any sights. No shoot-off.

1976 30 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle, any sights.

1977 20 shots at 1000 yards with any rifle, any sights.

1979 Highest scoring competitor from each relay fires three sighting shots and 10 record shots in a "shoot-off relay" to determine winner only.

1983 Shoot-off relay is scored without regard for X's. In case of a numerical tie for winner, winner (only) is determined by a shot-by-shot elimination shoot-off without regard for X's.

Trophy Winners[edit]

1875 MAJ Henry Fulton 171
1876 Issac L. Allen 139
1877 Dudley Selph 137
1878 Frank Hyde 143
1879 C.H. Laird 137
1880 W.M. Farrow 145
1881 F.J. Rabbeth 142
1882 W. Budworth UNKNOWN
1883 H.T. Rockwell UNKNOWN
1884 J.W. Todd 129
1885 J.W. Todd 140
1886 J.W. Todd 115
1887 T.J. Dolan 86
1888 W.H. Merrill 134
1889 Dr. Charles H. Gaus 107
1890 Dr. Charles H. Gaus 141
1891 Dr. Charles H. Gaus 132
1892 Dr. Charles H. Gaus 123
1893 Samuel I. Scott, DC NG 128
1894 SGT Peter Finnegan, NY69th 116
1895 Dr. Samuel I. Scott, DC NG 135
1896 CPT George T. Cann 109 (1st .30 Cal. Winner of Wimbledon—Krag)
1897 LT F.C. Wilson, GA NG 125
1899 LT F.C. Wilson, GA NG 140
1900 William de V. Foulke 140
1901 CPT William B. Martin, NJ NG 137
1902 CPL K.K.V. Casey, NY NG 146
1903 CPT W.H. Richard, OH NG 91
1904 CPT George E. Cook, DC NG 88
1905 LT W.A. Tewes, NJ NG 84
1906 CPT J.C. Semon, OH NG *46
1907 CPT K.K.V. Casey, PA NG 88
1908 CPT K.K.V. Casey, PA NG 97
1909 1SGT Victor H. Czegka, USMC 98
1910 CPT Guy H. Emerson, 6th OH Inf. 99
1911 CPT Guy H. Emerson, 6th OH Inf. 98
1912 CPT A.L. Briggs, 26th US Inf. 97
1913 CPL Thomas E. Vereer, 14th US Inf. 99
1915 CSGT J.E. Jackson, IA NG 98
1916 GYSGT John J. Andrews, USMC 99
1918 CPL Frank L. Branson, USMC 92
1919 John W. Hessian 99
1920 LT Lewis A. Yancy, USN 100+1
1921 SGT John W. Adkins, USMC 100+55 (5's--No V-ring prior to 1922)
1922 Guy H. Emerson 100-15V
1923 SGT Emil J. Blade, USMC 100-18V
1924 R.H. McGarity 99-11V
1925 CAPT William W. Ashurst, USMC 100
1926 2LT Lewis A. Hohn, USMC 100
1927 1LT Lewis A. Hohn, USMC 100
1928 Chief Gunner Otho Wiggs, USMC 100
1929 P.J. Roberts 100-14V
1930 1SGT L.C. Gentner 100
1931 R.F. Izard 99
1932 W.R. Mitchell, IN NG 100-12V
1933 PFC George W. Walker, USMC 100-16V
1934 GYSGT William A. Lee, USMC 100-12V
1935 Ben Comfort 100-14V
1936 MGYSGT Henry P. Crowe, USMC 100
1937 CPL Hansford H. Wagner, Inf. 100
1938 SGT Valentine J. Kravitz, USMC 100-19V
1939 PFC Alfred L. Wolters, USMC 100-20V+7V
1940 1LT Edwin L. Hamilton, USMC 100-20V+4V
1951 CPT Richard F. Hanson, USAF 100-17V
1952 Glen C. Taylor 100-16V
1953 William Keith Turpie 100-14V
1954 C. Rodgers 100-16V
1955 MSGT Francis B. Conway, USA 100-18V
1956 MSGT Francis B. Conway, USA 100-18V
1957 SSGT Pat O. Jones, USMC 100-14V
1958 TSGT Charles B. Ainscoe, USMC 100-17V
1959 MSGT Frank O. Freeman, USMC 100-19V
1960 LT Willis L. Powell, USA 100-19V
1961 Earl H. Burton 100-17V
1962 SFC Chester A. Hamilton, USA 100-18V
1963 Laurence F. Moore 100-13V
1964 Lawrence G. Rackel 100-13V
1965 LCPL Carlos N. Hathcock, USMC 100-17V
1966 SFC C.L. Stevens, USA 100-17V
1967 GYSGT Paul H. Holcombe, USMC 100-16V
1968 SFC Charles D. Davis, USA 100-17V
1969 Theodore R. Fasy 100-18V
1970 PO2 Thomas N. Treinen, USN 100-20V+12V
1971 SFC Charles D. Davis, USA 100-19V
1972 CWO Ray H. Green, USMC 100-20V+23V
1973 Ikey Starkes 100-19V
1974 CWO Gregory Connor, USMC 100-19V
1975 Eugene R. Adam 200-12X
1976 James K. Cloward 200-21X
1977 Robert E. Jensen 200-10X
1978 Albert R. Laberge 199- 8X
1979 PO1 Michael W. Gorchinsky, USN 198- 8X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-7X
1980 Noma J. McCullough 198- 9X SHOOTOFF SCORE 97- 4X
1981 Patrick M. McCann 199-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99-2X
1982 Patrick M. McCann 200-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-5X
1983 Peter A. LaBerge 200-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 98
1984 SP4 Thomas P. Rider, USA 199- 9X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99
1985 CPT Hugo B. Adelson, USA 200-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100+9 10's
1986 G. David Tubb 200-10X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-6X
1987 Eric W. Pintard 198- 9X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99
1988 Earl R. Liebetrau 197-10X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99
1989 Russell E. Jones 197-10X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100
1990 Earl R. Liebetrau 200-12X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100
1991 MAJ Boyd D. Goldsby 199- 6X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100
1992 Frank Van Cleave III 197- 5X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99
1993 Nancy H. Tompkins-Gallagher 200-13X
1995 Middleton W. Tompkins 199- 9X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-8X
1996 LT Carl B. Kovalchik 199-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-7X
1997 Michelle M. Gallagher 198-7X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-5X
1998 Michelle M. Gallagher 200-10X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-5X
1999 George D. Sutton 199-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 97-2x
2000 Michelle M. Gallagher 200-15X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-6x
2001 Michael O. Barron 199-12X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-6X
2002 Lee Land 200-7X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99-6X
2003 Norman F. Crawford 200-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99-5X
2004 Michelle Gallagher 200-16X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-8X
2005 Michelle Gallagher 200-15X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99-5X
2006 SFC Norman L. Anderson, USA 200-10X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-9X
2007 SGT Brandon K. Green, USA 198-9X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-6X
2008 SGT Brandon K. Green, USA 200-11X SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-5X
2009 SFC Lance D. Dement, USA 198-10X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99-7x
2010 Richard L. Kussman 199-6X SHOOTOFF SCORE 99-3X
2011 David Tubb 200-10 SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-5x

2014 Thomas Colyer 200-12X ,SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-4x
2015 John L. Whidden 200-17 SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-8x

2016 Donna Grimes 200-10 SHOOTOFF SCORE 100-8x
Shortened to 10 shots due to weather

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Re: National Championship Survey

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Jason wrote:The description of the ideal candidate make me think of one person who has been much more of a level-headed, reasoned proponent for our sport in recent years.

So.. Mr. Foust, when do you expect to start the new gig as NRA silhouette program coordinator? I bet the NRA would let you work from PA if you'd be willing to take the job. =))
Jason, I'm afraid that they won't let the coordinator work from home. I wish they would. We could have had a competitor as the program coordinator if they would have. I think Al would be a great choice as well.

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