How about the WIS report?

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How about the WIS report?

Post by rogersptl » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:24 am

It has been a while since the WI State event, so how about a report? Thanks
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Re: How about the WIS report?

Post by teetertotter » Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:05 pm

<r>Hi Roger,<br/>
November 2015, I had nerve damage in left leg along with back issues. February 2016, nerve damage to right leg with continual lower back issue. Steve Schmalz took over the Directors job in 2016. I shot 4 times in 2016 and 3 times in 2017 with main issue lower back. My legs are not all that steady, but plan to try again in 2018. <br/>I still have an unopened case of TAC-22 and one brick left from previous Monday night indoor paper practice starts in January. I think the Frosty Iron SB Silhouette Match will be the 3rd week in January.
If you visit <URL url=""></URL></r>Click on "Disciplines" and scroll down to "Silhouette." On the Silhouette page, scroll down and you can read some results documented by Steve during the 2017 season.

Larry Abbott and Dennis L are still very active in SB Silhouette and they started up the indoor Air Rifle sport, early this year. They still shoot trap too. I am doing more volunteer hours at: County YWCA Women's Domestic Violence Shelter w Children and the Boys/Girls Club. In January, training starts for, "County Appointed Special Advocate."[CASA].

It is good to hear from you and you are alive and well! Jon
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