2018 NC State Championship Results

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2018 NC State Championship Results

Post by ShootingStar » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:21 am

Sorry folks - I thought I had already posted the results here.
I did post them on NC Silhouette (dot com) already.

The 2018 North Carolina Smallbore Silhouette Championship Tournament was on June 2 & 3.

We had 2 solid weeks of record-setting rain before the tournament and half of our Turkey line was under water just 2 days before the match!
But, it stopped raining, and just like in the Bible, the waters receded! Weather was great and we had a good turnout - especially Junior shooters!
I think all those 4H shooters were getting ready for their trip to 4H Nationals!

Like many State Championships (at least here in the SouthEast) we shot 2 x 40 in Smallbore on Saturday and 2 x 40 in Hunting Rifle on Sunday. That allows someone to shoot one day or the other (or both) and still get awards.
I think most of the competitors would agree the following was a highlight of the Match(es):
A 12 year old young lady from GA (Suzannah Cummings), in only her 1st year of shooting and only her 2nd State match - overshot her class in BOTH Smallbore Rifle matches (22 & 30)! That resulted in her moving from B class when she registered into A Class, then up again into AA class and STILL came in 2nd!!! FANTASTIC shooting!
Then in Hunting Rifle, she started as an A class shooter and overshot in the morning match - shooting a 28! That moved her up into AA Class, where she WON that class!!
You need to remember her name, she will be moving up steadily through the ranks and competing at the top real soon!

I want to thank all the folks who helped me put on the State Match - I could not have done it with out you all!!!
Thanks to all the competitors who came out and participated. THAT'S what makes Silhouettes so much fun. . . and seeing the animals go twisting and flying when hit. . . and seeing new shooters and Junior shooters do so well!!! I'm preaching to the choir. . .

Without further rambling - below are the results
2018 NC Championships - Scores Both Days.pdf
(24.68 KiB) Downloaded 102 times
7/16/2018 - Hope BOTH files stay there this time - I've added the Hunting Scores 3 times now!
7/16/2018 - OK - for some reason, Hunting Rifle would still not attach - even though it showed in my "preview", so I've just combined them into 1 file!
Maybe that will outsmart this stupid computer!!!

ShootingStar - aka Greg Chandler
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Re: 2018 NC State Championship Results

Post by DavidABQ » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:25 am

Good job putting on the match. :-bd

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Re: 2018 NC State Championship Results

Post by mountainman308 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:18 pm

That was an excellent match. Couldn't manage to beat Scott, but had a wonderful time at a great club.

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