Arizona State Small Bore Silhouette Championships

This is what we do.
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Joaquin B
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Arizona State Small Bore Silhouette Championships

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This is just a short note to thank all attendees, who came all the way from Chihuahua, Sonora, California, New Mexico and Texas to make this event a success.

A very special THANK YOU to the following manufacturers, enterprises and individuals for the donations they provided to the Tucson Rifle Club:

LAPUA for the Center-X and SK .22 l. r. ammo
Decot Hy-Wyd
Second Amendment Sports
Redding Reloading
Pac-Nor Barrels
Lee Loading
Sportsman's Warehouse
Francisco Durazo - for feeding all those attending for free
Hector Delgado and the Larrazolo family for helping-out with the trophies
Jim and Cami Beckley
John Mullins

I apologize if I missed any enterprises or private individuals who also donated prizes, cash or their valuable time to make this event possible. We plan on repeating this next year, but the matches will be 40 shots instead of 60, so we won't have to finish in pitch darkness.

Also, a BIG thank you to the 64 shooters who supported us and CONGRATULATIONS!!! to John Mullins, who won the whole enchilada.

See y'all next year!!!
Joaquin B

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Jim Beckley
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Re: Arizona State Small Bore Silhouette Championships

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Hey Thanks, Joaquin, May, Jim, Ron, Hector, Fransico, Mr. Bill, and anyone else that I forgot that made this match work, and to the folks that travelled to shoot this match, especially the guys from El Paso, who always support the AZ matches!
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Re: Arizona State Small Bore Silhouette Championships

Post by Mrahe01 »

Thanks Joaquin and to all the helping hands and sponsors that made this event a success! Had a great event with great people. The awards were awesome and the fact that all competitors received a door prize was a nice addition. We'll be looking forward to next year. Good job!

Jerry G
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Re: Arizona State Small Bore Silhouette Championships

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The trophies were great.

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