.22lr ammo box/board

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.22lr ammo box/board

Post by ShootingStar » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:34 pm

(Admin) - I have this in marketplace and Smallbore, so if any of them should not be in these categories, please delete.

I'm looking into purchasing a few .22lr ammo boxes or trays to give as drawing prizes at the NC Smallbore Silhouette State Championship Tournament in June. I have a little "extra" money and think this kind of item will be desired by our competitors - and will be glad to advertise for the maker as well - if they want (potentially) additional business. Heck, I might buy a couple extra and give them to some new or Junior shooters just to encourage them to keep trying!
I've looked through here and have or will contact those folks who posted some in the past (including in the Smallbore section).

I'm wondering if anyone has some extra they'd like to sell - or know of a buddy who makes them (or has made them in the past) and might be interested in making some for me, I mean the State Match shooters!

Anyway, let me know what you got. NOT those plastic MTM boxes, I can get those locally - I'm looking for something a little more custom or Silhouette specific - if ya know what I mean.

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