Smallbore National Championships at Ridgway

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Smallbore National Championships at Ridgway

Post by pdeal »

I just got back from Ridgway for my first two registered matches- the practice match and the championship match. What a great time! Even though i knew very few people it seemed more like a family reunion than a rifle match. I think the folks at Ridgway did a great job.

Thanks for all your efforts!

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Re: Smallbore National Championships at Ridgway

Post by atomicbrh »

The Ridgway Club did a fantastic job of running the 2019 National matches. Julie and I had a great time at a great venue. We saw old friends and made many new ones. We stood shoulder to shoulder with the best standing, unsupported marksman in the world.
Thanks Mike, Ken, and the whole Ridgway crew for a National match to remember!
Bobby Huddleston

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Re: Smallbore National Championships at Ridgway

Post by acorneau »

Pete, it was nice meeting and talking to you at Ridgway as well as meeting a bunch of other Steel Chickens posters and lurkers.

I had a blast at my first trip to Nationals and the Ridgway Rifle Club really put out the red carpet for us. What an impressive range and a great bunch of folks running the match.

If you weren't there you sure missed out on a great experience.

Allen Corneau

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