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UPDAYE .22 BPCRA Bationals

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:44 pm
by 40-65rl
This was posted on the .22 BPCRA web site by John Gage, President/22 BPCRA. today:

We have an exciting announcement about this year’s 2018 National Championship! We have hinted that we had members working on a way to move us from two 40 round matches to two 60 round matches. Well, we are here to say, “they have done it!” Starting this year we will have the capability to put 40 shooters on the shooting line at one time, thus we can handle (with four relays) up to 160 shooters at the National Championship. Whether we completely fill out this year or not, we know with the rate our sport is growing, we will need this added capability to handle more members at our match.

The format will be like on the hill with the BPCR. (60 shots-5x5x5) You will have 5 minutes to shoot your unlimited sighters and your first 5 targets, then the targets will be reset, then you will have 3 minutes to shoot next five targets, re-set and you shoot your last five targets with the same 3 minute time limit. The targets will be then re-set and repainted for the next shooter. The targets will only be painted once at the beginning of your string of 15 targets. The new target system will let us re-set five targets at one time. Our target setters will not have to hunt for targets on the ground any more. You will not have to worry about “dirt” on your targets anymore and you will not have to worry if the targets are set squarely & evenly on the rail anymore. The new target system can be re-set more quickly, thus we are able to add the extra banks without increasing the time it took to set the old individual target system.

When the entries forms for the match become available (entries will be available towards the end of March), it is important that you put your squad request together and mailed to us at the same time. Your entry is only confirmed when you have included your "completed entry form" and "entry fee" with it. You can have up to 4 shooters per squad, since we will only have 4 relays this year. If you wish to enter both Classes (Scope and Iron), remember that only one entry is guaranteed until the cut off date. At that time if there is space is available your second gun entry will be confirmed. Please mark your reference for your first choice. (Note: With the added entry spaces we will have this year, we expect all second gun entry requests will be able to be confirmed.) Remember, our first consideration is to make space available to as many of our members across the country as we can. This an amazing event and we want as many of our members to experience this as we can. We even have .22 BPCRA members from out of the country that can't wait to get here to shoot this match.

I hope you are as excited as we are to offer everyone this new format. We know this will be fun exciting Championship. So, bring a little extra .22 ammo, practice up and come join us this year!

You can brag to your friends, you were there for the first year they shot 120 animal Match!