2019 NW (Montana) Regional BPCR Championship

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2019 NW (Montana) Regional BPCR Championship

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Fellow Shooters,

Please find a copy of the flyer and the entry form for the 2019 Northwest (Montana) Regional Championship BPCR Match at the following URL addresses:

http://www.mtbpcr.com/mtbpcrCalendar/fl ... egInfo.pdf

Entry Form:
http://www.mtbpcr.com/mtbpcrCalendar/fl ... ryForm.pdf

The match is to be held again this year at the Deep Creek Rifle Range just west of Missoula, MT. Their website is: http://www.hellgatecsa.org/index.html which includes the address and directions to the range.

A number of important changes from last year. The changes are:

1. Dates for the match have changed from the third weekend of June to the third weekend of September, September 19 – 22, 2019 . We will be having a normal monthly match on the days in June, however, with a Silhouette match on Saturday and a Long Range match on Sunday if you still want to shoot that weekend. This was primarily to get away from the weekend that the Quigley Buffalo match is held every year. We routinely have lost upwards of 10 local shooters to that event and there were others that would have liked to attend the “Q” so we hope that this will allow them to attend our Regional again. If you have attended our match in the past you are aware that we have been struggling with this idea for a few years. This year with the National Match at Raton landing so close to our match and the desires of quite a number of our regular shooters to not have to make the decision between our event and the Quigley event, I decided to make the change. I did have a lengthy discussion with Jim Sproul out of Oregon and he was both willing and able to schedule the Oregon State Match to the weekend before ours hopefully to allow our long distance traveling shooters to shoot both events.

2. This change is not without repercussions however. It will now land within the school year and our target setters are local school age kids. We will be able to get them to show up on the weekend but not the Thursday and Friday during the week. The result of this is that you will be responsible for resetting your own targets if you are shooting the Iron Sight matches on Thursday and Friday. There is a spot on the entry form that you can check if you are not able to reset your targets and I will find someone that can assist you. As we are able to shoot 10 shots per shooter before resetting, we only have to make one trip down to reset and paint which makes this process pretty quick and easy.
3. I have decided to make this match a full four day event this year as well. We will be shooting two days of Iron Sights on Thursday and Friday with an Aggregate Regional Championship Awards and then we will follow up with two days of Scope matches on Saturday and Sunday with an Aggregate Regional Championship Award as for Scope as well. This is a little out of the ordinary to shoot Iron Sights first but there is a reason for this. The reason being is that in September our days are starting to get shorter and we have some issues of shadows both early and late in the day. We have been getting about 48 shooters to attend the Iron Sight matches for that last several years and we decided to shorten the Iron Sight matches to three relays and shorten the day. We will be having four relays for the Scope matches over the weekend where shadows are not much of an issue. It also makes sense that any shooters that may not be able to reset their targets due to health issues may be older and shooting scope only and we have been having a larger turnout for the Scope matches so the combination of shadow issues and lack of target setters seemed to point to shooting Iron Sights during the week and Scope over the weekend. I hope this works out…

4. Since we are shortening the Iron Sight matches to three relays, we will be forced to limit the Iron Sight match only to 48 shooters. If you plan on attending the Iron Sight matches, please signed up early as there may be an issue with room. We have historically been having about 48 show up for Iron Sights and this may make it tight. I have already received two entries from new shooters, both of which are shooting all four days. As mentioned before, we will be having four relays for the Scope matches which allows us to have 64 shooters for those events.

5. If someone wants to shoot all four days either scope or iron and there is room, I will allow this. Of course, as in the past, the days that they are shooting the alternate sights they will not be competing for an award. You will of course have to pay the shooting fees for each event ($70 for Scope and $50 for Iron). The difference in cost is because the Iron Sight matches won’t be having target setters. But if there is room and you would like to shoot and have the ammo, I won’t stand in your way!

6. Don’t forget to include the $10 Nonrefundable Entry Fee ($5 for Juniors). $130 for the whole match or $80 for just Scope or $60 for just Iron Sights. (Juniors $65/$40/$30 for the whole match/Just Scope/Just Iron Sights)

7. Another small change this year is the Score Book issue. Hopefully everyone is aware that the NRA has decided to do away with the Score Books and will be issuing Classification Cards for each type of event in which you compete. It is your responsibility to send a picture of your 2018 front cover as well as pictures of each page for each type of event you competed in last year to the NRA. This will get you a set of cards from the NRA with your current classifications on them. We will be requesting that you present either these cards or last year’s Score Book to prove your current classification. We will not be requiring shooters that only shoot this event to purchase Score Books as in the past as the NRA is not providing these anymore. We will be filing a Match Report to the NRA after the match which will have your scores for documentation of the match.

Everything else is basically the same as last year. If you have any questions, email me or give me a call at: 406-261-7908. You can also sign up on line (or just correct your data from last year) by going onto http://www.mtbpcr.com/NWRegional/enter.php and put in your information. On the second page when it asks for either a password or your NRA number, if you didn’t put any in last year, leave these blank and you should come up with last year’s data when you “Click to Continue”.

As always, there is great dry camping available at the range with lots of shade from large Pine and Fir trees and well maintained Forest Service style bathrooms. There is no water available at the range so bring that with you. Indian Summer is the best time of the year to be outside in Montana, the range is great, and the competition is always high. We generally have several both men and women national champions or national record holders attending as well as a number of local sharp shooters capable of winning regularly. Mike Venturino is again soliciting door prizes to be given away Saturday evening after the potluck. My wife is again donating one of her highly sought after quilts to be given away. We hope you can make it!

Mail me a check if this is how you would like to pay for attending to:

Del Niemeyer
201 Lakeshore Drive
Lakeside, MT 59922

Make checks out to: Hellgate Civilian Shooters

I will be sending out a hard copy in the mail as well in a few weeks for anyone that doesn’t respond to this email by mailing in their entry so I hope to get everyone who attended last year covered. Hope to see you in September!
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