Suggestion for my first .22 BPCR

Front-stuffers, smoke-belchers and .22 BPCR!
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Suggestion for my first .22 BPCR

Post by snaketail2 »

I've been shoting lever action and small bore silhouette for a some time now (maybe 15 years). Now I have to drive 3 hours north, or 3 hours northeast or or 3 hours east to get to local matches. But only 2 hours to BPCR matches. Typically this means I can only shoot afternoon 6 hours driving for half the fun!

I know a BPCR rifle is going to set me back a bit. I'm prepared for the sticker shock. So my question is which rifle should I look for and who sells 'em?
Sticks I can figure out, but the beginning equipment is still a mystery to me. Any help.

Getting older and tried of driving so far to shoot one match a month - 4 hours total drive time is better.

Rockport, Tx

My alternative is Sporting Clays - I used to be pretty good at it and already have a Browning Citori that fits me well.
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Re: Suggestion for my first .22 BPCR

Post by DonM »

22 BPCR you can look at the lo wall 1885's or 75 sharps from C Sharps, the CPA 441/2 stevens , or a DZ Arms hepburn for new built rifles.The word is Shiloh is going to start offering 22's. It's not uncommon to run across decent Stevens 44's that will serve well. The Winchester 1885's aren't a bad place to start, but they tend to be pretty spendy now days and most folks don't get along well with the crescent butt plates, and while some of those rifles shoot very well others don't. Pedersol offers a 74 sharps version in 22, but the few of those I've seen folks shoot usually get replaced after a short while.
If you're thinking to jump into BPCR silhouette the CPA might not be a good consideration as you can have the action fitted with a rimfire block and barrel, and when going from the bpcr to 22 match just switch the barrels and breechblock. You can also go with one of the more traditional rifles in 40-65 or 45-70 for the bpcr gun and get a Crossno liner to install for shooting 22 bpcr until you decide on whether or not to get a dedicated 22.
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Re: Suggestion for my first .22 BPCR

Post by 40-65rl »

Go with the CPA. Allows for the best bang for the bucks with the interchangeable barrels, lifetime warranty and they shoot lights out. I have two. One dedicated 22 and one with both center fire and rimfire blocks. Three barrels, 45-70, 40-65W and .22 If you like the 22 game you can easily and for not a ton of money change out the barrel and block and shoot the big bore BPCR also. Yes there is more stuff you will need but most of us share. If you are headed for Raton to shoot lever get there early and look me up and we can shoot some 22 BPCR and talk about the game.
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Re: Suggestion for my first .22 BPCR

Post by 22ballard »

The choices of rifle, both production or custom built, can be almost baffling for someone just starting out. I’ve competed for over 20 years and have a large safe fulll of BPCR .22 rifles. If you want to get going with a match-winning rifle, go with the CPA. Next step will be buying a bunch of different ammo and test, test, test, at 200 yds. .22’s are notoriously picky about what ammo a rifle will like. Just because a friend’s rifle likes a certain ammo DOES NOT mean yours will like that same ammo. The truth is on the target. Welcome to the fray and good luck.
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