Rifles for sale

Want to buy or want to sell.
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Rifles for sale

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I have the following rifles for sale that I no longer shoot.

Remington 40 XC in 7.62 NATO with Tomkins spirit level front sight and Redfield Palma rear. It was shot for 6-7 years in the Connecticut big bore league and is a good shooter. $1400.

Remington 40 XC-KS in .223 cal. with same sights as the above rifle. This rifle has a McMillan fiberglass stock and has been shot very little. Probably less than 500 rounds and is like new. $1600.

Remington 700 Classic in .25/06 cal. with a BSA variable scope 32X max. Rifle is glass bedded and has a Timmey trigger. Again, this rifle has not been shot very much and is very nice looking. $800.

Remington 700 in .308 cal. with a 36X BSA scope, shortened varmint weight factory barrel, Jewell trigger, in a McMillian silhouette stock. It started life as a prone gun and I made it into a silhouette gun. It is not ugly but it is not a real pretty gun either. It shoots HP silo well but it is a 30 cal.

I DO NOT SHIP GUNS! I ONLY deal face to face and I will be at the lever action regional in Ridgway next weekend. If anyone has SERIOUS interest in any of these rifles please let me know and I will bring them along. I am the original owner of all of them. No tire kickers please! I don't want to truck them out there for nothing. Thank you for looking.
Rick Bassett

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Re: Rifles for sale

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You have PM

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