.22BPCR Rifle

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.22BPCR Rifle

Post by SSShooter » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:14 pm

DZ 22LR Hepburn wearing a half-round, 28" Shilen rachet-rifled barrel. As you can see from the reflections, I'm not much of photographer, but let me know if you closer-up pic's of anything. Hepburn-style checkering, Baldwin Soule rear sight and Lyman 77 front sight. The blocks are spaced for a 23" MVA scope, but simple enough to move the front block back for the DZ scope spacing. New it would be over $4000 with the checkering & sights. I would like to get $3000 with the sights or $2700 without, plus shipping. As is a modern rifle, must ship to your FFL. Thanks.
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