38-55/38-50/38-40, etc. Bullets

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38-55/38-50/38-40, etc. Bullets

Post by SSShooter » Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:02 am

Am no longer shooting CF rifles (all sold) so these 38cal bullets I cast are surplus. All have been weight-sorted into 0.5gr lots. Nominal diameter is 0.376". Ladle poured with 20-1 lead. They are pretty nice bullets, even if I say so myself. Wink

624 bullets cast from a Steve Brooks nominal 340gr semi-postel (longer nose than a standard postel - but not quite a Money design) mold:
341.5gr - 79.
341gr - 161.
340.5gr - 254.
340gr - 68.
339gr - 50.
338.5gr - 12.

173 bullets cast from a BACo 330gr Money bullet mold, JIM376330M3.
330.5gr - 50.
329gr - 48.
328.5gr - 25.
328gr - 50.

$205 plus shipping for all the bullets. That's ~$13/50 bullets and about half the $205 is just the lead cost. If you purchase bullets from places like Montana Bullet Works you'll find that they are $30/50 and up. Shipping shouldn't be that bad using USPS Flat-rate box(s).
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