Anyone tested Eley Force or Contact?

22 Long Rifle ammo is finicky. Tell us all about it here.
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Anyone tested Eley Force or Contact?

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I shot a Lever Action silhouette match with a fellow who was using Eley Force, 42gr LR HV ammo. He and the ammo did quite well. Have any of you tested either "Force" or "Contact"?
Both are 42gr Long Rifle ammo, Force is HV and Contact is SV. And both are a bit expensive, but are they worth the price?


I just read the report, a couple of threads down, about Eley Force. This is obviously a case of me leaping before I looked/talking before thinking/spending the evening with the wrong woman/pulling the trigger before I got on target...guilty on all counts. Sorry to take up bandwidth with dumb questions.
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Re: Anyone tested Eley Force or Contact?

Post by edgehit »

I've shot them both over a chronograph at paper targets. In my lever rifle there are less expensive and more accurate choices.

But out of a tuned Ruger 10-22 or Anschutz 54 the Contact shoots very well. Is the additional 2 grains of lead going to make enough of a difference to justify the additional cost?
- Joe
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