What are the best PCP guns for Silhouette

Pumps, pre-charged, springers and everything else pneumatic.
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What are the best PCP guns for Silhouette

Post by gard72977 »

I sold my RAW about. a year ago. I special ordered the stock with deep forend to help with the off hand hold. It was very heavy.

I am looking at the FWB 800x or Daystate Griffin . Just wondering what others are using.

Im not opposed to a AirArms but they dont have a regulator. I have no experience with the shot curve.

Im recovering from my plunge into smallbore. May take a few months before I buy another airgun.
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Re: What are the best PCP guns for Silhouette

Post by richard »

I personally prefer regulated guns but don't get too hung up on that feature. Some AirArms guns are regulated and most Daystates are not. I shoot an old Air Arms ProTarget and an Anschutz 8002. One is a 12 fp gun and the other only a 6fp gun. Most of us shoot our field target guns for silhouette too. The hot rifle in field target these days is the Steyr. The other top guns are the Air Arms FTP900, the RAW, and some powered up Anchutzes. The FWB 800 is getting some interest and Daystate now has a field target offering as well. The AirArms HFT500 is a nice mid price gun but is not regulated(a friend has one and does like it) .
Good luck with your search.
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