Air Pistol at the 2018 Shamrock Silhouette Shootout!

Pumps, pre-charged, springers and everything else pneumatic.
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Air Pistol at the 2018 Shamrock Silhouette Shootout!

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For the program and entry form for the 2018 Shamrock Silhouette Shootout, please see the announcement post here: ... =9&t=12515

We just confirmed with the Air Pistol match director at the club that there will be an air pistol silhouette match on Saturday at the 2018 Shamrock Silhouette Shootout! The match will be Saturday for cash prizes. No pistol match on Sunday.

This will be a fun match (not NRA sanctioned) because we will run in in conjunction with the rifle matches using the same commands. That makes the time sequence slightly different (15-second ready period instead of the air pistol specific 30-second ready period - shooters will still have 2.5 minutes to take 5 shots as per normal rules).

Rifle and field target silhouette shooters will easily be able to participate in air pistol as well by shooting pistol on a different relay from rifle. For example, a shooter will shoot 15 rifle shots on relay 1 then shoot 15 pistol shots on relay 3.

The entry fee for the pistol match is $10/gun and all sights are allowed (iron, scope, red dot). Shooters will compete against other shooters with the same sights with no minimum number of shooters required to create a class. Each pistol entry will be shot on a different relay. So technically a REALLY crazy shooter could shoot as many as 5 matches at a time (rifle silhouette on relay one, field target silhouette on relay two, iron sight pistol on relay three, scoped pistol on relay four and red dot pistol on relay five)!

If you're mailing in an entry form and you'd like to enter the air pistol match with your entry form, just include $10 per pistol and note it on the entry form.

Please post here or contact me with any questions.

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