Not silhouette, but a close second

Pumps, pre-charged, springers and everything else pneumatic.
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Not silhouette, but a close second

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Falls Twsp. Rifle and Pistol Assn. ( near Philadelphia, PA) will be holding our first airgun field target match of the year this coming sunday, May 19. It will be pretty much our normal fare with a 40 shot pistol course interlaced with our 60 shot rifle course shot concurrently. Normal for us is a different course layout every match with freshly painted animals in a wooded setting following AAFTA rules. We do however, allow for some non AAFTA division types of entries. Our courses are not set up to be ridiculously difficult and this match will have an average target distance of around 30 yards and a Troyer rating of 28. Even at this level I remind everyone that our course, although cleanable, has never been cleaned. Maybe this time?
Anyway all are welcome and there is no match fee for junior shooters(NRA definition). Please also note that we may not have club air available at this match.
Questions or comments? email me at
Thanks for reading.

Rick Bassett
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