A good time at the gun show

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A good time at the gun show

Post by jnyork » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:53 pm

Off to the Yuma AZ gunshow yesterday morning with a friend, saw several other friends from the gun club there.

Not a bad gunshow for a change. Only one table of stuffed animals and one of homebaked cakes and cookies, no beef jerky, no eyeglass cleaners. The usual tables of military surplus junk, a few Chinese fake swords, several tables full of magazines, 20 tables taken up by LGS selling new stuff at new prices.

Lots of nice old leverguns of all descriptions. Three tables with old single shots, Ballards, etc, and schuetzen rifles. Quite a few .22 rifles for a change. Not so many EBR's, prices on those 500-2000 bucks, didn't see anyone even pick on up to look. No .22 ammo hardly at all which is no surprise with it being readily available online sometimes priced at pre-panic levels. Saw two very nice Winchester model 75 rifles, both at $750. Centerfire hunting type rifles galore at much reduced prices compared to a year or so ago.

Picked up a Marlin 39A, Serial number is a "P" denoting 1957 manufacture, gun is at least 95%, would not be ashamed to show it off to anyone. Guy let it go for $425 which made me buy it , I didnt really go looking for one but couldn't let it set there and someone else get it. :-bd

Had a cup of coffee at the snack bar, it was not bad unlike the roofing tar they usually have. Shot the breeze for a while with friends. Home by 11:00 AM.

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Re: A good time at the gun show

Post by frankmako » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:29 pm

no beef jerky, what is this world coming to.

Ken Green
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Re: A good time at the gun show

Post by Ken Green » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:56 pm

I hope it shoots good. That seems like a good price.

No beef jerky at a gun show :(( . What is this world coming too. Maybe you should make your own beef jerky.

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