Would anyone else like to see the weight limit change?

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Re: Would anyone else like to see the weight limit change?

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thauglor wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:28 pm
The current line of $2k scopes don't come in a plain dot that every one likes either, so you still have to fix it.

I changed scopes to an older Leupold and am above hunter by 1oz. I am planning on getting my barrel fluted so I can have enough weight margin to paint the stock too. Right now I'm shooting Standard class only.

And lete be honest, if the weight limit is increased, people will still buy the older lighter leupold and put all the weight into the barrel just as we currently are. There are also lighter actions than the Anschutz 54 that can give you the same accuracy for our game.
You're right, but my point was that I personally would be willing to pay the premium if the options suited.

And you're right again. If the limit moved today and I started my build today, I'd end up with the one of the two scopes (Sightron Silhouette or Leupold FX-3) I've used on this rifle but with a heavier barrel simply because there are no other options out there for silhouette scopes. I said that yesterday. That's what the larger point of my first post in this thread was about.
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Re: Would anyone else like to see the weight limit change?

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DavidABQ » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:33 pm
Jerry, please correct me don't shoot with an expensive carbon fiber stocked Anschutz 1712?
I argue that not everyone can afford to build a rifle with a custom stock.

Dave, any composite stock will make weight. It does not have to be a carbon fiber stock. A 22 rifle does not need a heavier 30m scope, you only need 10 or 11 minutes of adjustment to get you our to 100m. All you need to make AAA is a 20 or 25 power 1 in dia scope with a 40 mm lens and a inexpensive Bruno or CZ as they are called today. This is NOT an equipment race, It is a skill race. Spend your money on ammo and practice. One winter indoor shooting paper silhouette with an old Savage Anchutz with a cheep 36 power Tasco Scope did more for me than any equipment purchase.

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Re: Would anyone else like to see the weight limit change?

Post by jbolt »

If I recall, originally the weight restriction for hunter was 7.5 lbs and later increased to allow for the heavier Anschutz actions.

Instead of increasing the weight for hunter rifle I say we have three classes:

Production: Any 22 LR as offered by a manufacturer, no mods allowed, 7.5 lb max weight, 12x max magnification and a max MSRP of $1,000 for rifle and scope. Get back to basics.

Franken-Hunter: Use the cosmetic restrictions of hunter rifle with the allowable weight, barrel, trigger & scope height of standard. i.e. it generally still has to look like a classic hunting rifle.

Unlimited: If you can hold it offhand with no artificial support, anything goes.

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Re: Would anyone else like to see the weight limit change?

Post by acorneau »

I'm going to say no, do not change the weight restrictions for Hunter rifle. If you use a heavier scope (either by choice or because of lack of choices) then you just shave off a little weight on the stock or the barrel or both.

I would love to have a single rifle that allows for any ergonomic choices to fit my body (drop in the toe, depth of fore-end, height of scope, etc.) and doesn't restrict me from participating in any way. I kind of see why the Mexican version of silhouette has settled on just one rifle.
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Re: Would anyone else like to see the weight limit change?

Post by atomicbrh »

For the people who want quick, easy ergonomic adjustments, open and target rifle silhouette matches are offered. Since we are now discussing a wish list, I would like to be able to use a composite stock in Smallbore Hunter rifle that is identical to the factory stock on a Air Arms TX200 sporter. That TX stock just feels good to most everyone who tries it.

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