2019 TSRA High Power Results

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2019 TSRA High Power Results

Post by jbmarshtx » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:26 pm

It was hot yesterday. Just as hot and windier today. Congrats to Dustin for the overalls and aggregate. Thanks to Mark, Jack, Liz, and everyone else that made the match happen.

Next year, plan for Saturday and Sunday September 12 & 13 at HOTSA in Coolidge again. Or that was the word after the match.
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Re: 2019 TSRA High Power Results

Post by dustinflint » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:06 pm

Thanks to Jack, Mark, Brandon, Liz, and all the target setters for another great TX Highpower state match. It was lots of fun as usual. Thanks also to the sponsors that donate great prizes to this and other matches. Lapua, Berger, Vihta Vouri and Sierra are by far the biggest industry supporters of our sport; and I hope everyone that shoots silhouette uses those products.

A big sponsor of the TX match is Defiance Machine - We really appreciate those guys too. I have a silhouette rifle built on a Defiance action and it's AWESOME - it always shoots good scores! Everyone should build at lease one silhouette rifle on a Defiance.

I'd like to give some recognition to my good buddy Jerry Tureau. He completed the first single-match grand slam I've ever heard of in highpower silhouette: it was the elusive RINGER GRAND SLAM. He rang one of each animal with full-bullet hits all in the same match. He hit the chicken low in the tail (turned it exactly 90 degrees), the pig slightly low in the shoulder (turned it about 20 degrees), the turkey in the leg (turned it slightly), and the ram in the center of the shoulder (didn't budge it). What a feat of shooting excellence!


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Re: 2019 TSRA High Power Results

Post by squinty_shooter » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:41 am

I can think of several nicknames for you now but "ringer" isn't one of them! LOL

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