Map of Silhouette Ranges

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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by Jerry G »

Damn, I got this on the wrong topic.
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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by DavidABQ »

Jerry G wrote: Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:00 am Damn, I got this on the wrong topic.
You sure did. At first I thought you were talking about a silhouette range being rebuilt.
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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by Szumi »

Could someone check the map and see if I've managed to add the Alan Goodrich Range and South Kent Sportsmans club. I see it logged into google, not sure if others can see my edits.

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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by teetertotter »

Both of them are listed at the bottom of the listings. You have to click on each one to open it up and add their address, phone number, website, SB or HP or both, or any other pertinent info......for example. Nice that you have added!
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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by Brokegunner »

I am going to update a few of the ranges I am close to as I see the information is incorrect or has changed. If there is a problem with me making changes I apologize in advance ;)
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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by Geebob »

I know this is an old thread but Rupert Pistol Club in Rupert WV is still holding monthly silhouette matches. The range is listed on google maps but not on this.
We hold monthly matches in Hunters /smallbore hunters Pistol. Cowboy rimfire and centerfire and smallbore rifle and hunters rifle in rimfire. Matches are 4th Sunday of each month March thru October ( weather permitting)
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Re: Map of Silhouette Ranges

Post by SSShooter »

Quinton Sportsman in Quinton, NJ. All off-hand 50/100/150/200yd plus any-rifle/sights .22BPCR. 1st & 2nd Sunday Mar-Dec.
Shippensburg Fish & Game in Shippensburg, PA. BPCR 3rd Fri/Sat Mar-Oct.
NMLRA (Miami BPCR), Friendship, IN generally the 2nd weekend of the month.
KY BPCR, NE KY Fish & Game Assoc, generally the 3rd or 4th weekend, ~ 10mi south of Ashland, KY.
Golden Gun Club, Watkins, CO.
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