Couple of newby questions

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Re: Couple of newby questions



I whole heartedly agree. I usually show up with 5 rifles. Two chambered in 22lr. Two chambered in 44WCF and one chambered in 38-55. Traveling sometimes 6 hours to a match I like having backup equipment, backup rifles that I am familiar with and have ammo for.
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Re: Couple of newby questions

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Yes traveling to a match with only one rifle and ammo can be hazardous.
Shot the bptr match in Phoenix, two day drive and before I got out of there one rifle the stock cracked in the pistol grip and the other the set screw on the barrel worked loose enough to give fits with vertical.
It's a 9 hour drive to the Whittington from here. We go down there once or twice a year , daughter and soninlaw tag along and we go thru a bunch of ammo , shotguns, 22's. lever guns, handguns, and lots of stuff for the bpcr's to terrorize the white buffalo.
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