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We've reached a milestone of sorts.
We have over 1,000 registered users (993 are lurkers, but who's counting).
We have over 5,000 posts.

This growth has spurned the need to add a little order to the fray (but not too much).

Forum Netiquette is pretty standard stuff. The only addition will be a rule about posting ads, For Sales (FS), trades, auction links, sales links, etc...

You are free to post such ads in the Marketplace forum at your leisure. Caveat Emptor. Please keep your asking/sale price in your ad to assist others in judging "the going rate"; similarly ads are not to be deleted to help provide a record for those interested. Any such posts found outside the Marketplace will be moved and we'll make fun of you at the next match. You are free to customize your "signature line" so long as no links are made to a place where you are selling goods.

Those who are Sponsors of this site will be allowed to post ads outside of the Marketplace and put sales links in their signature line.

Thanks and keep up the great sport and community.