is .356 legal for CLA?

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Re: is .356 legal for CLA?

Post by plzbry » Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:33 pm

I believe the answer was not allowed.

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Re: is .356 legal for CLA?

Post by No1_49er » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:23 pm

This topic has been "discussed" at some length in the past, But I don't believe it has been resolved, definitively.
Much has been said about rimmed/semi-rimmed, and the semantics of the terms.
Initial discussions about the 308Marlin Exp eventuated in an undated communication from Aaron Farmer who said: -

"In regards to .308 Marlin XS round:
After further discussion we have realized that this is a larger issue than just a minor clarification on the word 'Rimmed'. There will need to be a further look into this round and others to determine what will be allowed and what will not. This issue will be brought up to the Silhouette committee as a topic for discussion.
At this time the aforementioned round in question will not be allowed at the 2018 Silhouette Nationals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to come up with a solution during this years' committee meeting."

As has been pointed out, if the 444 Marlin is a legal case, and 356 is formed from the 444, how can one be legal and the other not?
This, of course opens the proverbial 'Pandora's Box'. 307 Win, 308 M Exp, etc., etc.

Referring to Farmers communication, I don't believe a final determination has been made, or if it has, how and when was it disseminated because it sure seems that a lot (most?) of us don't yet know.

Some here may not like to see anything other than "traditional" cartridges being used; if that is so then the committee determination might have to be worded in such a way that excludes semi-rimmed, whatever they might be.
Of course, if rules are open to mis/interpretation, we invite endless discourse on the semantics. I doubt that the ISSF ever has such issues.

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