What Size Kowa

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What Size Kowa

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Looking for some input on purchasing a new Kowa spotting scope. Most folks using Kowa scopes at the high power matches that I attend use the 82SV.
However, this fall I will be going to Colorado for an Elk hunt and will need a new spotting scope. (my old Burris isn't going to cut it)
The idea is to have a scope for both hunting and silhouette. I really don't want to lug around an 82SV in my pack for 8 days.
My question is, what would I be giving up going with a 60 or 66 MM or even a 50 mm Kowa? I mean, a Prominar lens is a Prominar lens no matter the diameter, right?
I should also mention I want the angled model and will be purchasing the 20- 60X eyepiece.
Another driver for going with a smaller objective is that currently there are some good bargains on ebay on some used Kowa's, but those bargains are for the smaller scopes.
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Re: What Size Kowa

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These cheap Kowa scopes for sale.
Are the sellers located in Japan?
If so, could you keep us informed as to how that buying experience goes, shipping times, etc.?
No matter which Kowa you buy, I recommend installing a clear or uv front filter.
We bought our 82 about 20 years ago, used it gently only for silhouette and never used it without a front filter and a waterproof cover on the eyepiece. Somehow we have deep chips in the front filter. I can only guess that it came from gravel flying from tires in parking lots. I would hate it if those pecks were actually in the real objective lens. In any situation, my family wants long eye relief because of safety glasses, eye glasses and finding the field of view faster. I have never hunted out west but I would do everything possible to waterproof a Kowa if I was hunting with it. I cannot imagine lugging around something as big as an 82 for 8 days.
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